10 Quick Tips About Artificial Turf

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10 Quick Tips About Artificial Turf

When you’re considering an investment in artificial turf, it’s best to know what you want before you buy. In exactly the same way that you would know how large your new television needs to be, where it will be positioned, and what picture and sound quality you expect, so, too, should you understand your requirements for your turf. Here are ten tips to ensure your artificial turf choice will be the best one to meet your needs before purchase and after installation.

1. Think about how your turf will be used. Will it be exposed to high foot traffic or be used purely for display?

2. Think about the land it will sit on: is it well drained, for example?

3. Before buying, measure the area to be turfed and consider the width of the artificial turf. This will reduce wastage.

4. Ensure you buy Australian manufactured turf; this will benefit from UV stability and is produced to last longer in the Australian climate.

5. Always buy turf that is made by a specialist manufacturer.

6. Examine the yarn type and backing quality.

7. Ask to see the warranty, and make sure it will hold in Australia (some foreign produced turfs have warranties that are only valid in the country of manufacture, but if you follow tip 4 the limitation of foreign warranties won’t need to be considered).

8. After installation, keep your new turf clean and tidy by raking regularly with a plastic leaf rake.

9. Never use an alcohol based cleaning fluid on synthetic turf. Most stains on artificial turf can be removed using soap and water.

10. If any solid or putty-like materials become stuck on the turf, simply remove with a dull knife.

Make the right decision first time

Artificial turf is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come, provided you make the right decision at the outset and then maintain its tip-top condition by using the right methods and tools. While the above ten tips will help you achieve the best result, there is no substitute for discussing your needs with a professional.

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