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Artificial Cricket Pitch

Artificial cricket pitch that stands the test of time

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we can be trusted to provide the best artificial cricket pitch to match any of your sporting needs. All of our turf is Australian made with APT Australian made yarns. This increases the durability and means we can make certain the quality is high, to ensure that your cricket pitch will stand the test of time. In fact, we pride ourselves so highly on our unmatched durability that we offer up to 15 years warranty on our superior artificial turf products.

We want to provide turf options for anyone. So, whether you need one of our high performing pitches for school play, or highly competitive matches, we offer affordable solutions for both without compromising on quality.

Choose the right cricket pitch for you!

Trying to determine which artificial cricket pitch will fit your needs? At Titan Turf we offer four types of artificial turf for our cricket pitches. Several factors need to be assessed to determine which type and durability of turf is needed. This includes intensity of play, location of the pitch, and how often it will be used. Here are the key differences and how to determine which artificial cricket pitch is better suited for you:


Shield 9mmTest 12mm
  • Suited for community, school and club use
  • Twist textures of our high performing Australian yarns
  • Heavy duty for all skill levels of cricket players
  • Competition and club level of wear and performance
  • Extra heavy duty to withstand competitive sport play
  • Perfect for professional play to withstand all batting and bowling


 Premier Pitch 9.5mmCentre Pitch 11mm
  • Suitable for centre pitches and training cricket nets
  • Provides the highest level of performance
  • Offers superior durability and playability
  • Suited for centre pitches and training wickets
  • Housing a patent colour matching a natural turf pitch
  • Soft fibre composition lays faster with higher bounce
artificial cricket pitch

Here’s why artificial pitches are better for cricket

While value for money is one of the key reasons to choose an artificial cricket pitch over grass, there are several incentives to make the change. Some of these benefits include:

Choosing an artificial cricket pitch over grass for sport means that there is less time wasted on the weekly maintenance needed for the upkeep of grass pitches. This also ties in with value for money, as once the initial purchase is made, upkeep expenses drop dramatically compared to grass.

Eco-friendly choice
It goes without saying that any way we can come together to save water is a benefit for everyone. So why not make the change and decrease the amount of water used!

Indoor and outdoor pitches
Using artificial turf means you can create the same level of durability for cricketers when they are playing both indoor and outdoor.

Make the choice today to use our Australian made durable and high-quality turf for all your artificial cricket pitch needs! Whether it be for high end competition or kids playing at school or at their local park. Call us today to enquire about our cricket pitches today!

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