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Artificial Grass Adelaide

Tips on Artifical Grass

When buying artificial grass Adelaide for your home, there’s a few things you should consider before investing. Going the extra mile with preparation and research will ensure you get the best value for money alternative. Firstly, it’s wise to think about how your artificial grass is going to be used. Will it be exposed to foot traffic? Or is it just for display? Our product range is diverse to suit a wide-range of purposes.

Secondly, the next important step is to measure the space to avoid product wastage. Next, we advise that you only purchase grass from an Australian manufacturer. This is because Australian products are designed for our climate. As a result, the products will generally be more durable and dependable. Additionally, we strongly advise against the use of alcohol-based cleaning products on your fake grass. Stains can be removed simply by using hot soapy water.


Our Product Range

As earlier mentioned, our artificial grass Adelaide is designed to suit a range of different environments. Our product list has been segregated into different product sections: Landscape, Commercial, Sports Surface, Cooling Innovations, Accessories and Playground. You’ll also notice that all of our products have a foot traffic resilience, softness and natural look rating. This system is designed to help our customers tailor their lawn to suit their needs. Here’s a sneak peek:

Summer Coolplus HD: The Summer Coolplus HD is highly rated in all aspects of functionality and appeal. It boasts a 35mm blade length with two varying olive-green tones to mimic the appearance of natural Kikuyu lawn. The low-tone gloss fibres also contribute to the natural aesthetic. This Australian made product has Coolplus yarn cooling technology which can reduce surface temperature by up to 20 – 25%. Our artificial grass Adelaide is backed by a 12-year warranty for quality assurance!

The Titan Turf Team

Titan Turf have been delivering exceptional artificial grass Adelaide since 1993. We’ve partnered with a world leading Australian-based manufacturer to bring our local community the best. These products are specially designed to suit the fluctuating Australian climate. Additionally, it offers long-term durability and appeal. The Titan Turf team boast a combined experience of over 30 years in the construction, design, and installation of synthetic turf.

Additionally, we’re continually following new trends and developments to ensure our clients receive the highest-grade products. One of the modern and innovative solutions that we have incorporated into our range is Cooplus Technology. Consequently, this reduces the temperature of your grass without compromising other factors such as natural appeal and endurance. As experts in the field, we’re happy to extend our knowledge across our client base. Customer satisfaction always comes first! So, if you want superior quality, choose Titan Turf for your artificial grass Adelaide.

Do you have any questions about our artificial grass Adelaide? Give us a call on 8384 8604 or drop by our 7-day display centre! If you choose Titan Turf, you’ll speak to professionals who are 100% transparent and community driven. Experience the difference for yourself and make an investment you wont regret.

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