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Artificial Grass For Playground

Artificial Grass For Playground

At Titan Turf, we specialise in designing, constructing, and installing artificial grass for playground areas, sporting fields, home landscaping and commercial projects. The popularity of artificial turf has increased drastically over the last few years due to its low maintenance nature. While many people are under the assumption that fake turf always is harsh and plastic looking, this is far from true.

At Titan Turf, along with our leading worldwide manufactures we have developed luxurious fake turf that feels soft and natural. This is particularly popular when it comes to choosing artificial turf for playground and school areas, as it reduces the need for constant maintenance and the presence of allergens. Since our establishment in 1993, we have built a reputation as a cutting edge turf manufacturer and installer, working with countless residential and commercial clients across South Australia.

Artificial Grass for Playground

Five Benefits Of Choosing Artificial Grass For Play Areas

Choosing artificial grass for playground and children’s play areas is becoming increasingly popular due to its range of benefits.

Reduced Allergies – Natural grass is a known culprit for causing intense allergic reactions in some children. By installing artificial grass for playground areas, you can limit the potential allergens looming in your play area including dust, pollen, grass seeds and bugs.

Less MaintenanceOne of the major benefits of artificial turf is it’s low maintenance. This will save time and money spent on usual lawn maintenance jobs like mowing.

Even SurfaceWhen children are constantly running around, an uneven surface can be a major tripping hazard. Installing fake turf will ensure your play surface is always even and safe.

No Grass StainsThere is nothing parent’s hate more than stubborn and hard to remove grass stains all over their child’s clothing. With fake turf, say goodbye to grass stains forever!

Why Choose Titan Turf?

When you choose Titan Turf to install your artificial grass for playground and school areas, you can be sure you are receiving only the highest quality turf. Our team of industry leading professionals have over three decades of experience in synthetic turf design, manufacture, construction, and installation.

As we are an Australian based company, we know first-hand how harsh the Australian climate can be all year round. This is why we use only 100% Australian made yarn in combination with our advanced Coolplus Technology, making sure your fake turf can withstand the unpredictable climate all year round and remain cool in the scorching summer months.

At Titan Turf, your wellbeing is of the upmost importance to us, especially when it comes to artificial grass for playground areas used by children. For this reason, we use only the safest materials and products that are free of harsh chemicals including lead.

More and more Australian’s are choosing to install artificial grass for playground and play areas due to the child friendly benefits. If you are looking to update your play area, artificial grass could be the perfect solution for you. Contact us today on 8384 8604 to find out more!

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