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Artificial Grass Odour Control

Trouble finding a Solution?

Have you been searching for an artificial grass cleaner? Are you wondering how to stop artificial grass from smelling of dog urine?

As the leading suppliers of synthetic grass Australia-wide, Titan Turf has accounted for all customer needs and expectations in the design of our products. This includes providing pet-friendly solutions that enable effective maintenance to rule out hygiene concerns.

Artificial grass is safe for pets. But pets toileting regularly on synthetic turf can lead to nasty odours. Artificial grass smells if not treated properly. Titan Turf offers an Environmentally Friendly Enzyme Cleaner to treat the smells left behind by our furry friends.

Our artificial grass odour remover comes with benefits including:

  • Eliminating Odour and disease causing bacteria.
  • Easy Application.
  • Non-toxic, environmentally & pet friendly.
  • Live Enzyme cleaning power.
  • Veterinarian recommended.

Our products are very easy to use, to maintain, use for cleaning and eliminating the risk of lingering odours on artificial grass.

If your artificial grass smells like dog pee speak to Titan Turf, we will provide the solution.

Looking for the Solution? Think "P-Off!"

Tips & Tricks to Maintaining Your Artificial Grass for Dogs

With a few simple maintenance tips and tricks, you can have peace of mind knowing that all remnants, marks or smells will be completely taken care of. This is less of a concern during Winter because frequent rain will do the job. However, we have a few suggestions on how to maintain your lawn with pets around! These are:

  1. Natural DIY Solutions: A simple mixture of vinegar and bi-carb soda is highly effective in taking care of smells. And of course, these products won’t do any harm to children or pets!
  2. Off the Shelf Products: Titan Turf offers a non-toxic and biodegradable bio enzymatic spray, designed specifically to treat and break down odours on synthetic turf!
  3. A Simple Wash Away: Simply hosing down the area after toileting will get the job done.

Why Choose the Titan Turf Team for Your Fake Lawn?

Titan Turf is South Australia’s leading suppliers of artificial grass for dogs, designed to suit a wide range of applications. Replicating the appearance of natural variations like Kikuyu lawn and Santa Anna Couch, you can achieve an incredibly natural finish with all the perks of low maintenance.

Titan Turf evolved from a business that was established in 1993, focussing on the supply of premium landscaping products. The team recognised a gap in the market for locally manufactured products that could stand the test of time. That’s where Titan Turf stepped in, both designing and manufacturing products backed by advanced cooling innovations—right here in Australia.

We make the selection process easy by giving every product a 5-star rating on different areas of its performance. This includes durability under foot traffic, level of softness, and its natural aesthetic. Our artificial grass for dogs is lead-free and designed to use only natural infill.

Artificial grass for dogs is the safe and effective solution that all pet owners can benefit from. Chat with one of the professionals from Titan Turf by calling us on (08) 8384 8604 or sending your emails through to to find a product that fits with your budget and performance criteria!

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