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Artificial Grass Stays Cool

Our Artificial Grass Stays Cool All Summer Round

If you’re worried about whether artificial grass stays cool during the intense Summer months, you can rest assured knowing that Titan Turf have a range of products that have been designed using cooling innovations to significantly reduce temperature absorption. The two types of technology we’re referring to are Coolplus and Cool & Fresh, which facilitate a much more enjoyable outdoor experience for pets and children in particular.

Coolplus is actually manufactured in the yarn, and works by reflected the suns heat through infrared pigments. This can reduce the temperature by up to 20 – 25% more than standard yarns.

Next is Cool & Fresh, which is a special infill that works through the same principle as evaporative cooling. The moisture is captured, stored, and then slowly releases the moisture creating an evaporative effect. This technology can reduce the temperature significantly, making it completely pet, child and family friendly.

Artificial Grass Stays Cool

Titan Turf’s Premium Range of Synthetic Green

Our range of artificial grass stays cool through a combination of quality and innovation, keeping us at the forefront of the field. Our products are made right here in Australia for Australian conditions, with added UV protecting qualities that extend their performance and aesthetic appeal.

The range incorporates different densities, textures, and tones to replicate natural variations. To help you narrow down the right selection, every product has been given a rating which indicates the level of softness, natural look and resistance against foot traffic.

We also supply turf for sporting and recreational use, perfect for both private and public facilities like playgrounds and tennis courts. You even have the option of customising the colour of your turf or opting for Signgrass Custom, which enables you to design prints or map out activities. Thanks to our cooling technology, you can rest assured knowing your artificial grass stays cool.

A Bit About Titan Turf

Questioning whether artificial grass stays cool? With Titan Turf it does. Titan Turf have been leading the way in the field of synthetic grass for decades. The business evolved from a landscaping business that started up in 1993, delivering a range of premium-grade products to the Australian landscape market.

A gap was identified in the market, which led to the rapid expansion of the business. Titan Turf entered the space to provide a high-quality product that was specially designed to withstand our harsh climate, with the doubled benefit of minimising the excessive use of one of our most precious resources—water.

Titan Turf have paired up with a world-leading manufacturer who design and create a wide variety of synthetic turf options that meet even the most stringent performance, functionality and aesthetic requirements. Investing in quality means that unlike with traditional yarns, your artificial grass stays cool!

You’ll never have to think twice about whether artificial grass stays cool enough for your family in Summer, because Titan Turf have you covered with the highest performing and natural looking variety of synthetic turf on the market. Browse the range online or call us on 8384 8604 with any of your enquiries!

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