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Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Why Choose An Artificial Grass Tennis Court

There are countless reasons why artificial grass tennis court is beneficial for gameplay, which is why at Titan Turf we deliver high-quality fake turf designed specifically for tennis. While there is an extensive range of tennis court surface options to choose from, many people opt for artificial grass as it provides an even and cushioning surface that is beneficial to the players in more ways than one.

While professional tennis tournaments like Wimbledon use grass courts due to their fast court nature, natural grass is not often used as a typical tennis surface as it requires consistent and frequent maintenance. This is why many people opt for an fake turf tennis court, as it maintains the same fast and low ball bounce as a natural grass surface whilst limiting the maintenance required. Artificial turf is also a noticeably more even surface than natural grass, which can prevent injuries.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Common Mistakes To Avoid

If you are considering installing an artificial grass tennis court, there are some common mistakes you should avoid making to ensure you get the most out of your court.

Poor Quality Turf

While it may seem ideal to choose the cheapest artificial grass available, this will often lead to needing an early surface replacement or repairs. At Titan Turf, we work with world-class manufacturers to ensure our artificial grass is of the high-quality possible. We are so sure that our artificial grass will stand the test of time that we provide a warranty of up to 15 years.

Poor Installation

Poor workmanship and installation practices can cause your artificial grass tennis court to damage easily and increase the number of repairs you will need over time. At Titan Turf, our experienced team deliver high-quality installations that are backed up by our 5-year warranty on our workmanship.

Our Best Sellers

As Australia’s leading artificial grass tennis courts supplier and installer, we house a range of multi-sport and artificial grass surfaces. As an Australian company, we have ensured that our artificial turf surfaces are made to withstand extreme Australian weather conditions.

Tennis Court Turf PE 19mm

One of our most popular artificial grass tennis court surfaces is the Tennis Court Turf PE 19mm. This particular tennis surfaces our best-selling turf chosen by schools, recreation centres and professional venues around Australia. Coming in a range of colourways, this Australian Made artificial turf is made of 19mm Polyethylene yarn equipped with ultimate UV stabilisation.

Pro COOLplus

A flagship product in our Titan Turf Tennis range, the Pro Coolplus combines the latest yarn technology to create a revolutionary artificial grass product that mimics a natural grass surface whilst reducing heat generation and maintenance requirements.

If you are looking to install an artificial grass tennis court, you can trust our team at Titan Turf to provide you with a long-lasting, high-quality surface that will maximize your gameplay. Contact us today on 8384 8604 to find out more about our range of artificial turf surfaces.

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