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Artificial Lawn

Our Australian Made APT Yarns: Artificial Lawn

As the country’s leading supplier of artificial lawn, our customers can rest assured that our products tick every box including performance, aesthetic quality and durability. We use APT yarns, which contain in-built proprietary features that are exclusive to the range. They’re 100% free of any in-organic pigments or contaminants that can pose a risk to your health or the environment.

The research and development behind APT yarns involves intense heat testing, monitoring UV impact on colour fading and tensile strength. Our turf is manufactured in Melbourne, but the testing actually takes place Queensland! So, you get peace of mind knowing that all our products are proudly designed in Australia, for Australian conditions. Benefits include:

  • Precise Synergetic Formula—a long-lasting formulation using 24 unique components.
  • Designer aesthetics—a wide range to blend with various applications.
  • First quality Raw Materials—if it’s not on par with our standards, we don’t use it.

Titan Turf partnering with APT

Artificial Lawn

We’re Local Australians Supplying Local Australians!

When it comes to artificial turf, your best bet is always on locally made products! And what makes this even better? At Titan Turf, it doesn’t matter where you’re located – our range of lawns are made easily accessible for purchase. We have successfully supplied our products to thousand’s of local Australian home and business owners thanks to our national supply network, and with an endless list of benefits, it’s really no surprise that more and more home owners are opting for artificial lawn.

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Our Artificial Lawns offer UV Stabilisation for Maximum Comfort

One of the major implications people experience with artificial lawn heat retention when Australian conditions begin to soar. This can make it almost unbearable to walk on, for both humans and pets alike. As a core focal point of our products, we’ve implemented both UV and heat stabilisation technology to dramatically reduce the temperature of your lawn. The solution: Cool & Fresh and Coolplus Technology.

Using evaporative cooling technology Cool & Fresh drastically reduces temperature by capturing heat, storing the moisture and then releasing it back into the air. The evaporating moisture removes the heat, resulting in a much cooler surface. This product is actually a type of infill, which is easy to apply, and versatile for use across any artificial lawn product. It’s non-toxic and has the green stamp of approval! Experience the incredible results of Cool & Fresh for yourself.

Built for Purpose: Pick the Right Artificial Lawn For Your Needs!

Our range of artificial lawn is purpose built, meaning that you’re always getting value for money based on your individual needs. Some of the different applications our products are suited for include:

We even have a number of different colours available with the option of customising your own signage for practical use. For example, we can incorporate a design for hopscotch, snakes & ladders or noughts & crosses to create fun and interactive play spaces. For enhanced corporate appeal, we also have the capabilities to include your business logo or branding.

To make it simple for our customers, all of our artificial grass products are given a rating out of 5-stars on their level of traffic durability, softness and natural aesthetic.

Whatever your artificial grass needs may be, we have a product in our range that’s fit for use. Engage us for your next landscaping project and experience the difference of a premium-grade, Australian product! You can come and view the range for yourself by visiting Unit 1/10 Kitawah Street, Lonsdale.

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