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Artificial Turf Adelaide

Why Choosing Artificial Turf Made In Adelaide Is Important

When it comes to artificial turf in Adelaide, your best bet is always on locally made products. Let us provide you with the details as to why. Firstly, Australian yarns have been specially designed to perform well in the Australian climate. From heavy rain to harsh sun—our weather conditions vary significantly, and not all products will respond well.

The Titan Turf yarns are all UV stabilised, and highly resistant to the sun’s impact. Our grass blades retain colour longer and have hard-wearing spines to prevent wilting. Another benefit of sourcing locally made products is the quality assurance. Outdoor living is an important part of our culture, and we know exactly what our customers expect from us. We accommodate their needs by providing lush, natural looking lawns that have lasting impact and can withstand activity/foot traffic. Our 15-year warranty speaks for itself! Go Australian-made with Titan Turf’s artificial turf Adelaide.

Artificial Turf Adelaide

The Coolest Artificial Turf In Adelaide

Just to add to the advantages of artificial turf Adelaide, we offer the coolest alternatives on the market—and not just in looks. We use ‘Cool & Fresh’, which is an innovative cooling solution that performs like real grass. As a result, it effectively retains moisture and evaporates like real grass.

Furthermore, Cool & Fresh treated lawns can reduce in temperature significantly. In addition to the temperature control benefits, it helps resist the UV in Adelaide and retains the quality of your lawn. The application process is incredibly easy, and a simple hosing down after application is all it takes to activate the technology! And don’t stress if you have pets around, Cool & Fresh is a non-toxic form of infill. Sand infill is traditionally used to protect and maintain the synthetic fibres of artificial turf in Adelaide. Cool & Fresh simply adds to the benefits!

The Environmental Benefits: Artificial Turf In Adelaide

Many would assume that a synthetic product is harmful for the environment. But, did you know that artificial turf Adelaide does quite the opposite? That’s right! There’s a range of environmental benefits that come with the purchase of synthetic lawn. First and foremost, you’re saving mass amounts of water. Water shortages are certainly common in Adelaide, and with drought comes high water bills in attempt to limit usage.

Another environmental benefit is the reduction of harmful chemicals. There’s no need for pesticides and weed killers to eradicate pesky garden problems! No necessity for lawn mowing means cutting atmospheric pollutants. You might be surprised, but grass clippings that end up in landfill produce methane when they decay. They also trigger allergies and asthma, so you’ll no longer have to lock yourself up during the monthly mow. So, opt for artificial turf in Adelaide and reduce your environmental impact!

Titan Turf also offers a unique product called “Classic GT40” made from 70% renewable resources including Sugar Cane!

With An Endless List Of Benefits, It’s No Surprise That More And More Home Owners in Adelaide Are Opting For Artificial Turf. Our Team Will Tailor Solutions To Fit Your Needs And Budget, Because We Have Options To Suit Every Home Owner in Adelaide! Take A Step In The Right Direction And Go Environmentally Friendly This Year. Pick Up The Phone And Call 8384 8604 To Experience Our Fantastic Artificial Turf In Adelaide For Yourself.

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