Keeping cool this summer with Titan Turf’s UV resistant technology

Are you struggling to revive the grass in your yard? Is your water bill increasing beyond reason? The Titan Turf team come bearing a solution—astroturf. Our range of Australian made artificial grass is specially designed to replicate the look and feel of the real deal. We’re talking soft, dense, varied in colour, and incredibly durable to withstand the harsh Australian climate. In fact, our grass is made using innovative CoolPlus technology, which has infrared pigments that deflect the sun’s rays. As a result, our lawns stay up to 30% cooler than most other options on the market! In addition to the CoolPlus range, we also offer HydroChill treatment. Its UV resistant formula imitates the process of evaporative cooling by sweating out the heat to reduce temperatures—by up to 28 degrees. HydroChill can be used on your existing synthetic astroturf and performs for up to two years.


Our promise to Australians

As Australia’s leading distributors of astroturf, we maintain our reputation by delivering big on customer service. In addition to the friendly and approachable nature of our team, we offer a 5-year warranty on our workmanship. This means that any problems experienced as a result of our installation are immediately remedied—free of charge. While 5 years might sound good, we max out your security by offering a 15-year warranty on our entire range. With the cost of living on the rise, every home improvement comes with financial compromise. The Titan Turf team have taken every measure to restore your confidence by offering premium products that are built to last. Our warranties stand as proof that when you buy Titan Turf, you’re in for long-term aesthetic, performance and durability. Don’t settle for less! Shop Australia’s leading range of astroturf today and experience the difference for yourself.

Which style will you choose?

We have astroturf solutions for every environment. There’s a range of variables that come into play when making your selection. So, we’ve simplified the process by adopting a rating method. Our products have been allocated a rating that details the softness, natural look, and resistance against foot traffic. This way you can choose the product which best suits you, without forking out for unnecessary features. Here’s an example:

4G Gold Endurance CoolPlus: This option ticks all the boxes, with a 3.5-star softness rating, 4-star rating for natural appeal, and 5-star rating for traffic resistance. It’s best suited to busy backyards and commercial landscapes and boasts an ultra-durable sports-grade blend with varied tones to mimic the appearance of natural grass. Evident in the name, it’s been formulated using our famous CoolPlus technology to ensure optimal comfort. Browse through the rest of our astroturf range to find your perfect match!

If your days of dead grass and breaking the bank are finally wearing thin, come to Titan Turf. We’ll remind you what Australian outdoor living is all about! You can contact us via (08) 8384 8604. Alternatively, come browse through our Lonsdale store to feel the quality of our astroturf products!

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