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Australian Made Artificial Lawn Adelaide

How Does artificial Lawn Save You Money?

The installation costs of Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide tend to scare people away. However, the long-term investment shows a promising return. You save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs, without even realising. Firstly, no maintenance means a massive reduction in your water bill. Water prices tend to fluctuate according to season and drought, so reducing your usage can save you a large sum.

Additional maintenance costs also stem from pesticides, weed-killer and grass seeds. People go above and beyond to try and achieve the same appearance of our synthetic turf. Why not pocket the cash and make the transition? Homeowners also tend to spend quite a bit on mowing and trimming. Garden appliances can cost anywhere between $200-$2000 dollars, and you also have to account for the fuel and electricity they require to function. Save your pennies and reduce maintenance with Titan Turf’s Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide!

australian made artificial lawn adelaide

Should You Use Sand Infill for Your Australian Made Artificial Lawn?

In summary, the answer is yes. Sand infill (or Silica Sand) can drastically improve the life of your Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide – this is for a number of reasons. As our turf is a low maintenance alternative, you generally only need to apply it once. Minor top ups may be necessary if you notice drastic reduction caused by wind or other elements. The product can be reactivated with brushing every 3-4 months. So, what does sand infill actually do? Well, here’s a little insight as to how sand it can preserve the life of your artificial grass:

  • It keeps the grass blades upright
  • Acts as a ballast to weigh the turf down
  • Protects the Synthetic fibres
  • Increases fire resistance
  • Improves drainage
  • Keeps the lawn cooler (especially if you use Cool & Fresh)
  • Prevents build-up of static
  • Prevents growth of weeds

Brushing your sand infill is the only maintenance your Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide requires, and the benefits are clearly worth it!

What Do Pets Think of Our Artificial Lawns?

From the feedback we’ve received from customers, we can happily say that pets love our Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide …and so do their owners! Your dog has a soft and safe place to play without returning indoors covered in dust and mud. Artificial grass is particularly great for dogs with skin sensitivities, as rolling around in natural grass can trigger a reaction.

Pets are also safe from snakes that typically hide in overgrown grassy areas during the Summer months. And gone are the days where you spend your weekends filling holes and repairing lawn that your dog has ploughed through! Of course, the biggest concern that pet owners have regarding their artificial lawn is the toileting. Is it safe for pets to do their business on your synthetic lawn? The answer is yes! In fact, Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide can actually be easier to clean, with a simple disposal and hose down. Titan Turf offers a variety of pet friendly options.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to improve the look of your landscape, go for Australian made artificial lawn Adelaide. The reduction in costs and maintenance are worth the investment! You can visit our 7-day display centre or give us call any time on (08) 8384 8604. We’ve achieved fantastic results for hundreds of South Australians, so experience the Titan Turf difference for yourself.

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