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Best Artificial Grass

Who Are We?

Titan Turf has been Australia’s leading suppliers of the best artificial grass since 1993, initially entering the market as a quality-driven landscaping business.

Our goal is to overcome all of the common factors that lead to fast degradation of synthetic turf, such as the harsh Australian climate, inability to handle foot traffic, and issues with pets. We’ve successfully overcome these issues is by:

  • Using premium-grade yarn that’s been manufactured right here in Australia.
  • Researching and implementing cooling innovations.
  • Fortifying our products with the breakthrough hybrid  emulsion secondary backing system.

With 30 years of design, construction and installation experience, we believe that we’ve successfully exceeded all performance expectations with our highly durable and aesthetic range. We have options to suit both residential and commercial applications, varying in yarn length, density, colour and softness to accommodate varying needs.

best artificial grass

Our Coolplus & ‘Cool & Fresh’ Technology

As mentioned, a major contributing factor to producing the best artificial grass is our cooling technology. Australia’s climate fluctuates significantly, with an increasingly high UV rate during summer that can impact both the quality of your lawn, and foot traffic coming through.

The Titan Turf team want our customers to be able to comfortably utilise their lawn at any time of the year, which is why we’ve introduced both ‘Cool & Fresh’ and Coolplus technology.

‘Cool & Fresh’ works by utilising the same principal as natural grass. It captures moisture and stores it until it reaches a high temperature before releasing it, which is also similar to an evaporative cooling system. This process keeps your lawn cooler than most artificial lawn. Learn more about Cool & Fresh. 

Our Coolplus Technology helps keep temperatures low by actually reflecting the heat using infrared reflective pigments. Only the best artificial grass keeps you cool in Summer! Learn More about Coolplus Technology.

The Best Artificial Grass is Preferred by Your Pets

What other factors contribute to the best artificial grass? Traditionally, the combination of pets and synthetic turf was a disaster waiting to happen, with easily damaged and stained products that in turn, would also be incredibly uncomfortable for your beloved pets during warmer months. But you won’t experience any of these issues with the premium-grade grass from Titan Turf. Perks of our range include:

  • The quality of our yarn means your pets can enjoy a soft, comfortable playing ground.
  • Toileting on our product doesn’t affect the appearance or structural integrity in any way.
  • It’s designed to resist foot traffic, so the yarn will maintain its shape even after travelling paws.
  • Animals with allergies or sensitive skin won’t have to deal with the repercussions or real grass.
  • Pet owners don’t have to worry about patchiness and holes throughout their garden!

Only the best artificial grass is pet-friendly too.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best artifical grass in Australia. Titan Turf have you covered with a massive range of high-quality products that have been tailored to suit both personal style and performance needs. Call us on (08) 8384 8604 or drop into our Lonsdale location to feel the difference of our products for yourself!

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