Case Study: Why Investing in Artificial Turf Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

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Case Study: Why Investing in Artificial Turf Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

We often hear many of our customers raving that artificial turf has given them much more time to spend with their kids, particularly playing on their new lawn. However, these customers have also reaped another major benefit that artificial turf can provide – it saves you money. Lots of money!

For years we have been advocating that artificial turf should be considered an investment and not a cost so we decided to create a FREE Case Study report into the costs of both natural grass vs. artificial turf to find out how much money a household could actually save.

Higher cost to install but lower cost to maintain

For this case study, let’s use an example of two neighbours; let’s call them Bill and Bob. Bill has natural grass, which cost him around $2,815 to install on his 50m2 garden. Bob decided to install artificial turf on his garden of the same size, which cost him $4,725. So far Bill is feeling pretty good as he has saved nearly $2,000 compared to Bob.

However, over time our research has discovered that Bob could save at least $5,201 over the next 15 years. And that is not even considering how much more free time Bob would have compared to Bill.

We admit even we were stunned when we discovered the amount it costs to install and maintain natural turf compared to artificial turf. And these aren’t our figures – these are direct from S.A Water, Turf Australia, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Download the FREE Natural Grass versus Artificial Turf Cost Comparison report here.

Investment pays dividends over time

The payoff – in cold, hard cash terms – comes when you compare maintenance costs. Bob is enjoying the day because he has virtually no maintenance to do on his artificial turf: let’s call it $20 a year. On the other hand, Bill has got a whole bunch of costly items on list:

  • watering
  • fertilizer, weed and pest control
  • coring and scarifying
  • mowing, trimming, blower, fuel and maintenance

On average, and at today’s prices, you’ll be paying around $405 per year for your lawn maintenance needs. Allowing for inflation at 3%, by the fifth year of lawn ownership the costs of installing and maintaining a natural turf lawn will have surpassed those of the artificial turf owner. At the end of the fifteenth year, the total costs of installing and maintaining a 50m2 natural turf lawn will have accumulated to $10,331 compared to $5,130 for your neighbour’s artificial turf lawn!

Of course, Bill might decide to get the relaxation and enjoyment from his garden that Bob currently gets from his by hiring a professional instead of doing all the maintenance himself. Whilst Bill will enjoy his additional spare time, he will be shocked that his costs will grow faster than his grass! After fifteen years of garden maintenance for his natural turf, he could be out-of-pocket by up to $34,078 – and that’s $27,000 more than Bob will have paid for professional maintenance of his artificial turf lawn.

To find out more, and see the numbers for yourself, download our FREE Natural Grass versus Artificial Turf Cost Comparison report today.

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