Why Choosing Artificial Grass Made From Australian Yarns Is Important

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Why Choosing Artificial Grass Made From Australian Yarns Is Important

When choosing artificial grass, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of these is where the synthetic yarn was manufactured. While foreign yarns can be cheaper, you should never make cost the overriding and deciding element. Superior Australian yarns may be more expensive, but they’ll look good longer and resist the diversity of our weather better than any foreign yarn.

Australian Yarns are Developed for the Australian Climate

The major difference between foreign and Australian yarns is that Australian manufacturers develop for their home market. Our climate is hugely diverse, with heavy rain countered by drought and temperatures that vary in range more than almost anywhere else on the planet.

For example, APT’s yarns are UV stabilised. This means they are super resistant to the degrading effects of direct sunlight, keeping their colour longer. They also go through a process of heat stabilisation to ensure they survive the hot Australian summers.

Good Looks and Safety Assured

Of course, foreign manufacturers don’t have the same feeling for the needs of Australian customers. Home produced yarns benefit from years of manufacturers and their clients working together to get the aesthetics right. Landscapers, sports stadium designers, and park administrators not only have different usage requirements, but also the need to have a range of colours that blend in with location and use. Australian produced yarns are manufactured in line with these needs, and use contaminant free polymers that remove the possibility of ongoing reactions – so they last longer, too.

You can rest assured that Australian manufacturers of artificial grass work to the highest standards of safety. Safe pigments remove health threats, and there is a continuous process of research and development that ensures Australian produced yarns stay at the forefront of global yarn development and manufacture.

Guaranteed to Last When Choosing Artificial Grass made from Australian Yarns

Finally, Australian yarns come with a warranty that simply doesn’t hold good for most foreign manufactured yarns. If you’re considering choosing artificial grass, this is one thing that you must be hyper-careful about.

If your foreign produced yarn disintegrates or the colour fades after its first summer season, you may find the warranty that accompanied the artificial turf is worthless. Foreign produced yarns may not be made to withstand the amount of direct sunlight and the heat of our summers.

The temptation of buying cheap is strong. The risks, however, are very real. Saving a few dollars on choosing artificial grass made from foreign yarns today can cost thousands tomorrow. That’s why Titan Turf uses the very best in Australian manufactured yarns for its artificial grass customers, and why you should contact us when choosing artificial grass for your lawn.

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