Cooling Down with Coolplus Synthetic Turf

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Cooling Down with Coolplus Synthetic Turf

Coolplus Synthetic Turf

Standard synthetic turf yarns are not constructed with infrared reflective pigments, this can result in the synthetic turf heating up in full sunlight and warm / hot air temperatures.

Though traditionally synthetic turf cools very quickly once the area becomes shaded or as air temperatures reduce it still can be warm underfoot at the times when family members or pets wish to use it.

Coolplus yarn has been developed to beat the heat.

How Coolplus works

Coolplus yarn reflects the heat. In scientific terms, Coolplus infrared reflective qualities retard heat by bouncing the hottest part of the sun’s rays. Sunlight composes a large spectrum of radiation, including UV and infrared. The UV is cooler, while the infrared causes molecular vibration and this transforms into energy which dissipates as heat. By bouncing the infrared radiation, Coolplus yarn stays up to 20 – 25% cooler than standard synthetic grass.

Stay Cool All Year Round

In Australia there is now no need to put up with substandard lawns browning in the sun, or to replace them with synthetic turf that looks great but is warm at times when you want to be on it. Coolplus yarn technology is perfect for sports fields and home gardens alike, combining all the benefits of standard synthetic turf with the latest heat beating technology. If you need to invest in artificial turf, get in touch and discover how easy it is to benefit from Coolplus synthetic turf today.

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