How Developers Reap Huge Benefits from Synthetic Turf

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How Developers Reap Huge Benefits from Synthetic Turf

When real estate development companies reach the sales stage of the development lifecycle, the best sales values are achieved when the property is showcased effectively. Windows need to be clean, driveways free of building debris, and paintwork solid and gleaming. The developer wants potential buyers to see their new home, and be able to visualise their dream life in it. This includes the surrounding land: all the hard work of developing and building superb homes will come to nothing if the outside doesn’t match the quality of the inside.

All Year-Round Quality Turfing

Developers are turning to synthetic turf as an ideal aid to the sales process. Both Hickinbotham and Statesman Display Homes have recently completed landscaping at the new Angle Vale estate, using Titan Turf for their synthetic turf requirements. In fact, all Hickinbotham and Statesman Display Homes are landscaped with Titan Turf for its durability and quality.

Synthetic turf lets the developer maintain a good looking surface whatever the weather. Potential buyers view properties all year round, and when the gardens and surrounds are landscaped with synthetic turf a clean, manicured lawn is the first thing that catches the eye. Developers are able to concentrate on selling, safe in the knowledge that the display home will always look its best. There is no costly garden lawn maintenance program to arrange, edges are always neat and tidy, and water bills are non-existent.

With synthetic turf there is no browning in in the summer and no muddy slurries in the winter; just a beautiful, soft, green surface for all-year round sparkle. Children can play safely outside while parents are deciding which bedroom belongs to which son or daughter inside. And when the children decide to find their own bedrooms, there won’t be a trail of mud from front door to bedroom door.

Extra Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf doesn’t just look good all year round and come with the guarantee of low maintenance costs. The latest technology – such as Coolplus yarn and Hybrid Emulsion backing – is combined with quality materials in production, and that means developers like Hickinbotham and Statesman benefit from the unique Titan Tough 10+3 year warranty.

Houses sell better when buyers see the full potential of living in them. With synthetic turf, there is no need for the outside to ever let down the inside. As Hickinbotham and Statesman Display Homes have discovered, the garden is the gateway to people’s lifestyle dreams.

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