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Australian Made Artificial Grass DIY Kits

Artificial Grass DIY Kits

In most cases, choosing synthetic turf installation services boils down to personal preference and budget. DIY Kits are a fantastic alternative to synthetic turf installation services for those wanting to save on installation costs, and having the satisfaction of transforming their outdoor living space themselves!

Anyone can complete an installation providing they have the right tools, professional guidance and the willingness to undertake a project!

Looking to take on a weekend project? Look no further than a Titan Turf DIY Kit!


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It is essential to have the right tool for the right job. Before Undertaking a DIY Installation project, ensure you have the following tools & equipment sourced:

  • Calculator
  • Can of Dymark
  • Hammer
  • Hose & Nozzle
  • Spiked Seam Roller (Optional)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stanley Knife
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Square Mouth Shovel
  • Pressurised Spray Pack
  • Plate Compactor or Tamper
  • Power Broom or Thick Bristle Brush
  • Post Hole Shovel
  • 6mm Notch Trowel
  • Weed Killer

To get started, work out the dimensions of the area you plan on transforming and draw a diagram. This will assist in determining the quantity of materials you will need to complete the job with minimal wastage. Minimal wastage is the most efficient way of saving on the cost of your project. It’s important to get the measurements as accurate as possible.

The next step is selecting a product suitable for the area & requirements. Consider the primary use of the area. Are you transforming your front yard or backyard? Will it be used regularly, or will it serve the purpose of aesthetics only? Titan Turf offers different Australian-Made products for different purposes. We have information on all our products under our range and a full display at our warehouse. Contact us and one of our Team Members will help determine the right product for you!

After finalising your selection of the product best suited to meet your needs and requirements – preparation of the installation area can commence.

Installation Guidelines

1. Mark out the installation area and treat all weeds and unwanted grasses.
2. Mark out the installation area using the Dymark.
3. Remove Turf Sod and Excavate out 120mm to allow for the 100mm sub-base.
4. Complete further preparation including capping irrigation systems.
5. Complete optional edging if applicable. (Natural stone, brick, timber, Hedge Edge).
6. Complete sub-base preparation. Introduce dolomite to the area.
7. Spread, level and compact the dolomite using a vibrating plate compactor.
8. Check over the surface area for depressions/divots and rectify.
9. Roll out the turf to desired area.
10. Prepare for joins/seams (if required).
11. Cut and remove any excess material (including the salvage).
12. Secure the perimeter of the turf with 150mm galvanised spikes. One spike every half metre, 50mm offset from the edge.
13. Complete seaming (if required) using adhesive tape or the geotextile cloth tape & glue.
14. Complete a groom with a powerbroom then add dried sand infill/’Cool & Fresh’ as per infill specification. Groom a second time over. 
15. Enjoy your new outdoor space!

Note: Titan Turf customers can be issued a comprehensive installation guide upon request.

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