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Fake Grass Offcuts Adelaide

Fake Grass Offcuts Adelaide

Looking for an offcut? Our available offcuts are regularly posted on our Facebook page. 

After completing installation projects, our installation team returns to the warehouse with fake grass offcuts or we inherit offcuts from end of rolls. Offcut sizes are 1.9 meters by 3.7 meters (7m2) or under and Part Rolls are between 2.0 – 4.0 meteres by 3.7 meters. Part rolls are priced with a 20% discount from retail price. Fake grass offcuts are available to purchase from our Lonsdale Warehouse every Monday – Friday.

Looking for an offcut or a part roll? Drop into our warehouse during trading hours or give us a call on (08) 83848604.

Frequently Asked Questions
How big is an Offcut?

Offcuts are 1.9m x 3.71m (7m2) or smaller.

Are all the Offcuts the same?

No, our offcuts are different varieties and are marked with different prices and dimensions.

Do you have any bigger Offcuts?

Apologies we don’t. But we do have ‘part rolls’ available.

How big are part rolls?

Part rolls range from 2 metres – 4 metres X 3.71 metres (7.4m2 – 14.8m2)

Can I fit an offcut in my car?

This depends on the vehicle, but almost always. Some cars do not allow the entire backseat to fold down, thus making it difficult to transport.

Can a part-roll fit in my car?

Part rolls will need to be transported via trailer or roof racks. We can organise delivery for an additional charge.

Does Titan Turf install offcuts and part rolls?

Apologies, Titan Turf does not offer installation services for either.

Uses for Synthetic Turf That You Haven’t Thought Of!

Our synthetic turf is designed for practical use, with Australian-made yarn that includes in-built proprietary features to maintain its structure and appeal.

However, fake grass can be utilised in a number of different ways to give your space a unique edge, while bringing a piece of the outside in. Here are some suggestions we have for your synthetic grass:

  • Bar mat or table cloth for the man cave/shed
  • Floor covers for balconies
  • Non-slippery surfacing around your pool
  • Indoor putting green for keen golfers
  • Flooring for patios and porches to create a consistent flow from your lawn
  • Shelf covers to match plants and greenery around the home.

Our synthetic grass is even available in a range of different colours, with custom printing available if you’re utilising it for either corporate or play spaces. If you have any unique ideas for your synthetic turf, we’d love to hear them!

If you’ve been thinking about making the transition to synthetic turf, we recommend having a chat with one of our friendly and professional experts to find your perfect match. We guarantee you’ll love the luxurious look and feel of our range, and you’ll no longer have to stress over home maintenance! Call us on (08) 8384 8604.

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