Frequently Asked Questions

Is Titan Turf safe for children to play on?

Yes, Titan Turf is manufactured from new generation hypoallergenic, super-soft yarn is lead-free and contains no harsh chemicals.

Does Titan Turf fade?

All synthetic turf will lift in shade over the years being fully exposed to UV light, however Titan Turf uses yarn with highest rating UV protection and is made and tested in Australia for Australian conditions.

Is Titan Turf pet friendly?
Yes, Titan Turf is pet friendly. Pet mess can be cleaned in the same way as natural grass and rinsed through if need be. Pet mess does not harm or stain the yarn. It is especially friendly to those pets that get allergy or skin irritations from natural grass.
How strong is Titan Turf?

Titan Turf is tough! It is manufactured using technologically advanced yarn, which is clinically tested to provide strength and durability in both domestic and commercial applications. Titan Turf has the latest “Hybrid Emulsion” secondary coating system as standard on its backing which is stronger that the standard SBR latex by up to 40%.

Will cigarettes catch Titan Turf on fire?

No, Titan Turf will not catch on fire from a cigarette butt being stubbed out on it. It will melt the turf but not ignite it.

How long can I expect Titan Turf to last?

Titan Turf products are guaranteed by our Australian Manufacturer’s for up to 10 years. It is not unreasonable to expect in a standard domestic environment to get up to 20 years from your Titan Turf product.

What base preparation is required to install Titan Turf?

Titan Turf – as with ALL synthetic turf products should be installed on a firm, compacted base that has had no less than 100mm of the existing soil removed and replaced back into the excavated area 80mm of dolomite. Any less than 80mm of dolomite will not get the compaction ratio that is required to support a long lasting, strong base to avoid sinking and base movement.

Is Titan Turf hard to maintain?

No. Compared to natural turf Titan Turf requires very little maintenance. An occasional rake with a plastic garden rake to remove leaves and debris will keep the turf looking in top condition.

What is the “Cool Plus” yarn technology that is available in Titan Turf?

“Cool” yarn technology does not absorb infrared rays, translating to cooler surface temperatures by up to 25% in full sun.

With “Cool Plus” Yarn

Without “Cool Plus” Yarn

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