How to Prepare and Care for Artificial Grass

How To Prepare and Care For Artificial Grass

How to Prepare and Care for Artificial Grass

Artificial lawns are becoming more and more popular due to the lack of maintenance and the life expectancy of natural turf. In saying this, there are some things to consider before installing an artificial lawn such as the preparation. Your professional lawn suppliers in Adelaide, such as us here at Titan Turf, can offer the best tips and tricks on preparing and maintaining your artificial grass to ensure it’s longevity and a lasting appearance.

Synthetic turf will generally require very low maintenance and unlike natural lawn, it will not need any watering or trimming to keep it looking fresh. Before starting the installation process of your new synthetic lawn, there is preparation that will need to be undertaken. Spraying and treating weeds should be completed approximately 3 weeks before the installation of your synthetic turf in the area of which you plan to install it. From there, around 100mm of soil needs to be removed, if it is present, from the installation area allowing for water drainage and run-off. If you don’t presently have a lawn installed for replacement, speak to our team about installation tips!

The final task to compete prior to the synthetic lawn installation is making sure to locate any sprinklers and turn off any ball valves within the irrigation system. To read further into our installation process, check out our synthetic turf installation guide here.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Lawn for Your Yard

Most artificial lawns are often made from polyethylene which essentially is a form of plastic. Polyethylene is known for its longevity which helps to withstand heavy traffic and increases the tolerance of wear and tear. Artificial lawns also allow homeowners the ability to enjoy evergreen lawns without worrying about water consumption during the Australian summer. So if you are considering installing artificial lawns for your garden, there are several things you may need to take into consideration. 

Firstly, the installation process and it’s execution is of the upmost importance in ensuring the longevity of your lawn. Once artificial lawns have been installed, they require very little maintenance and can be cleaned with just a garden hose. Lastly, choosing a qualified installer will go a long way in getting you the best results! 

Taking the Best Care for your Artificial Grass

To ensure your lawn’s life expectancy, cleaning and maintenance are essential. Although cleaning may look like lightly rinsing the grass with a garden hose pipe, a little extra work is sometimes required. Occasionally, to remove dust, dirt, and leaves, you require a rake or a broom with stiff bristles. This will ensure that you remove all the loose debris before rinsing the area. It is essential to hose down your artificial lawn to prevent infill and consistently doing so will decrease the chances of future issues.

At Titan Turf, we are providers of beautiful lawns for all clients, ensuring a long-lasting guarantee on all products. Therefore, we got you covered if you are looking for quality artificial grass for sale or lawn care and maintenance services in Adelaide.

Don’t hesitate to contact your our team as your leading local turfing expert today!

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