Is Artificial Lawn Bad For Pets?

Is Artificial Lawn Bad For Pets?

As synthetic turf installation is becoming more popular, it’s natural for homeowners who are also pet lovers to have questions about having them. While it is a great alternative to traditional lawns, many people won’t certainly choose this convenience over the safety of their beloved pets.

Fortunately, an artificial lawn in SA is totally safe and resilient even for hyperactive pets. To achieve the best experience not just for you, but for your fur babies as well, there are still factors that you should learn before going full-on with artificial turf.

Consider the Materials Used

Not every artificial lawn in Adelaide is created the same. They vary in colour, texture, quality and materials used. That being said, you have to make sure the materials used for your chosen type of turf is non-toxic. One of the components that scream danger is led. Since dogs may chew, lick or dig the grass, the last thing you would want is to expose them to possible led poisoning. Nevertheless, if you choose a lead-free turf, it is completely safe and wouldn’t put your precious fur babies at any health risk.

Drainage System

Generally, pets want to stay out. With this, you have to expect that they may use the turf as their toilet. That’s why it’s important to choose synthetic turf that has a good drainage system and will not absorb moisture. Aside from that, you also have to take into account the process of installation as it gravely affects the way the drainage works. Poor workmanship can lead to misalignment of turf, thus, poorly installed drainage system. This can also lead to sooner deterioration and unnecessary expenses.

Backing and Infill

Another factor you need to look into is the backing and infill of your turf. Backing is the material used to hold the turf’s blade in place and functions as a water filter of the artificial grass. It has three different types: non-permeable, flow-through and hole punch.

  • Non-Permeable – This type of backing does not allow water to pass through and is most commonly used for putting greens on golf courses.
  • Flow-Through – This is known to be the most innovative kind of backing in the market. It allows 100% liquid penetration, thus, drain your turf properly and is the most ideal for pets. However, since it’s the most advanced, it can be a pricier option.
  • Hole Punch – Referred to as the industry standard, hole punch backing is cost-effective and functional. Although extremely functional, its base is made from a rock base layer which can accumulate bacteria.

On the other hand, infill refers to the products used to help maintain the grass blades’ upright position. Moreover, it helps in protecting the backing from damage caused by UV rays. There are also different types of infill which are: silica sand, crumb rubber, and zeolite. When choosing your infill, you also have to consider the materials used for it. Zeolite is non-toxic, therefore, the safest choice for homeowners and pet lovers.

Your artificial lawn shouldn’t be all aesthetics but rather safe and functional as you need it to be. At Titan Turf, we will help you choose the right product. Call us today for any enquiries.

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