Does Man’s Best Friend like Synthetic Turf?

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Does Man’s Best Friend like Synthetic Turf?

A question we often get asked is “What is synthetic turf like for Dogs’’?

The owners of 13 year-old Snoopy (pictured below) were very concerned he may not take snoopyto a synthetic lawn, leaving him with only the bark garden area as his space. His owners really wanted synthetic turf due to their constant battle with their natural lawn to keep it alive and usable.

Well Snoopy has taken to his new turf just fine. His owners are very happy as he spends a great deal of his day laying, rolling and relaxing on it and the fact he is staying cleaner is also an added advantage as there are no dead, bare patches for him to lie in.

Dogs really do enjoy synthetic turf. They love to roll around and scratch themselves on it and a real benefit for the family yard is the very active dogs don’t create tracks and bare patches in the artificial turf that occurs in natural turf when they are constantly running around, playing, being mischievous and generally having fun, giving your dog a soft, clean play area all of the time no mud or dust to contend with.

For dogs that like to dig, synthetic turf does tend to stop their fun and mischief as they don’t get to dig in a surface that paws can create nice holes in…ensuring that your lawn looks good all year round.

Many dogs suffer from skin irritations and allergies; some are born with them, some develop them over time. A major benefit of synthetic turf is that it can reduce or even stop the problem all together, especially if it is a natural grass or dirt allergy which many skin issues come from. Our Australian made yarns are UV stabilised, so you can rest assured our artificial grass is safe on paws.

Toileting on the turf does not damage synthetic turf, this will not stain or affect the yarn in any way. To deal with toileting smells, we have developed a low maintenance solution.

As the saying goes, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

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