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Artificial Grass Pet Solutions

The Titanium Pet System is a 3-part system designed specifically for your furry friends. This pawsome Australian Made artificial grass solution for pets, is designed to provide a beautiful, low-maintenance, odour-free lawn all year round. The system includes our new Australian Made Titanium Pet 30 Coolplus synthetic turf, exclusive P-Off ‘Cool & Fresh’ Infill and handy P-Off Bio Enzymatic Cleaner.

By choosing our Titanium Pet System you can say goodbye to the brown spots on your lawn, annoying holes, nasty odours and muddy paws inside the house!

Titanium Pet 30 Coolplus
P-Off ‘Cool & Fresh’ Infill
P-Off Bioenzymatic Spray

The Ultimate Pet Solution!

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Titanium Pet Turf

  • Titanium Pet 30 Coolplus is a specialised product designed for heavy use in busy backyards containing pets. Titanium Pet 30 contains durable, reinforced spine yarn technology for heavy use, with double perforations for superior drainage and high density double stitch rate for ease of cleaning. Titanium Pet 30 is safe and hypoallergenic to prevent fleas and ticks. Australian Made Coolplus yarn cooling technology for up to 25% cooler surface temperatures.
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P-Off Bio Enzymatic Spray

P-Off Bio Enzymatic cleaner is a high-performance synthetic turf cleaner that is the perfect accompaniment to Pet Premium Infill, as it combats the occasional bad odour and removes stains. P-Off is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recommended by veterinarians, and is also a powerful concrete floor cleaner, organic waste degrader and floor drain maintainer.

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Cool Plus – The Technology Speaks For Itself

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Without CoolPlus Technology
artificial lawn
With Coolplus Technology UP TO 25% COOLER IN THE SUN
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