SYNLawn Classic GT

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SYNLawn Classic GT

This new premium landscaping solution is an Australian and World first with the latest innovation that is made from 60% renewable sources (Sugar Cane).

SYNlawn Classic GT has all the benefits of a durable, heat and UV resistant, water permeable and fully recyclable artificial grass.

Utilising green technology (GT) originally developed for the Olympic Hockey surfaces. Titan Turf partnering with SYNlawn are now transforming the Landscaping industry with a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Sugar Cane is a natural bio – based plant which absorbs CO2 rather than emitting it like other oil based products do.

Thereby this sustainable and recyclable product offers consumers the advantages of synthetic turf whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Standard Petroleum based practices to produce raw materials emit 5kg of CO2 per 1kg of Polyethylene product.

In this new exciting technological advancement, the same amount of sugar cane based Polyethylene can capture this same amount of Greenhouse Gas in a typical 18 month growing season. Because of its short growing season sugar cane is a highly renewable and sustainable resource.

SYNlawn Classic GT is also infused with Heatblock technology keeping surfaces significantly lower than traditional artificial lawn. This latest innovation in artificial grass is soft and lush and perfect for homes, schools, landscape areas and more. A greener solution of artificial grass and with the confidence of Australian Made quality SYNlawn GT is backed by an incredible 15-year warranty.

Quality artificial grass just got real!!

  • Made from 60% renewable resources derived from Sugar Cane
  • Uses same Green Technology as Olympic hockey turfs
  • Combines multi-coloured 40mm grass blades with polypropylene thatch zone of natural colours
  • Grass, Olive, Green & Fawn
  • HeatBlock™ cooling technology
  • Creates a soft touch high weight landscaping solution
  • 3.71m wide roll
  • 15 year warranty
  • Made in Australia
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