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Remove Dog Urine Smell from Synthetic Grass

Remove Dog Urine Smell from Synthetic Grass

There’s a number of methods to consider for removal of dog urine smells from synthetic grass, and they’re a lot simpler and better for the environment then you might’ve thought. The first solution is simply spraying the area down with water, flushing the urine into the soil beneath. Rain is sufficient for this task, so you’ll only really have to maintain the grass during warmer months. For extra protection, consider a Bio-Enzymatic Spray.

Our second solution is a basic mixture of baking soda and vinegar, which effectively cleans away the urine and removes that lingering ammonia smell. We recommend flushing away the remnants with your hose to avoid a white residue on the lawn.

Lastly, there’s a range of products available in supermarkets that are designed specifically for removal dog urine smell from synthetic grass. Make sure you look for products that are marked as bio-degradable, non-toxic and suited specifically for fake lawns!

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As the leading Australian specialists in artificial grass solutions, you can trust Titan Turf to keep you up to date with all the latest tips to keep on top of the removal dog urine smell from synthetic grass.

As the technology continues to advance, more people are learning that fake grass is actually a fantastic pet-friendly alternative to real grass—safe from the destruction of holes and unlikely to irritate sensitive skin.

Our yarns are even manufactured using Coolplus Technology, which effectively keeps temperatures at bay by reflecting UV rays, keeping our turf up to 20 – 25% cooler than traditional synthetic grass.

However, the main concern for a lot of people is how to keep their fake grass clean and free of lingering smells. So, we have some advice for all of the curious pet-owners that have been considering making the move to artificial grass. Keep reading to learn!

Products You Can Rely On

With products that are designed for easy maintenance and simple removal of dog urine smell from synthetic grass, you can rest assured that our lawns and products are suitable for any commercial or residential application.

Our range is manufactured right here in Australia, attaining the coveted ‘Australian Made’ seal of approval which gives us a distinguishable edge in the field. This means our products offer superior performance and maintain their aesthetic long-term, due to their high resistance against the fluctuating Australian climate.

To help you find your ideal solution, every option is given a rating for resistance against foot traffic, softness and natural look. Our products are also backed by an up to 15-year warranty for added peace of mind! Let the professionals at Titan Turf help you narrow down a selection that fits within the scope of your budget, followed by ongoing service with advice for removal dog urine smell from synthetic grass.

By combining 30 years of construction, design and turf installation experience—Titan Turf can offer a customer service experience like no other. Contact us to learn more about the range (08) 8384 8604 and its pet friendly benefits! Or if you need help with removal dog urine smell from synthetic grass, we’re happy to lend our expert advice.

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