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Synthetic Grass Adelaide

What Are The Main Benefits Of Swapping To Synthetic Grass In Adelaide?

While it might surprise a lot of people, synthetic grass in Adelaide is filled with benefits. Both for you, and the environment. Let us elaborate:

Water saving: To state the obvious, synthetic grass in Adelaide requires absolutely no watering. Australia’s well known for its drought-prone nature, so it’s valuable to make these sacrifices when we can.

Reducing use of chemicals: Forget pesticides and weed killers! You won’t be chasing anything nasty, pointy or prickly with synthetic grass!

Protection for asthmatics and allergy sufferers: Synthetic lawn will considerably reduce the atmospheric pollutants in Adelaide. You can put away that loud and temperamental mower for good! Consequently, this will also benefit the environment by limiting the amount of grass clippings that make their way into landfill. When they decay, they produce one of the world’s most problematic greenhouse gasses—methane.

To learn more about the benefits of swapping to synthetic grass in Adelaide, call 8384 8604 or visit our display centre based in Adelaide.

Synthetic Grass Adelaide

About Our Synthetic Grass In Adelaide

Our Adelaide business evolved out of necessity to fill the large hole that was present in the Australian landscape market. Back in 1993, synthetic grass in Adelaide was limited to sporting applications. We believed that there was potential to make evolutionary changes in the world of outdoor living.

Synthetic grass has high aesthetic impact in Adelaide, it’s suited to busy environments, and can drastically reduce the amount you spend on upkeep. Better yet, our range has progressed to almost blur the distinction between real and fake lawn, so even the neighbours won’t know! Since our establishment, Titan Turf have proudly become one of Adelaide and South Australia’s leading distributors of synthetic grass.

We’ve partnered with one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers, who have become so successful that they have provided lawns for the Olympics and AFL sporting ground. So, for quality you can trust, choose Titan Turf for your synthetic grass in Adelaide!

Why Synthetic Grass In Adelaide Is Worth Your Pennies

Choosing the right synthetic grass in Adelaide is simple. While there’s a few variables you need to take into account, the main point of difference stems from Australian-made yarns. Although buying overseas might be cheaper, synthetic lawn purchased overseas isn’t designed to resist the diverse nature of Australian weather. Consequently, this means a short and not-so-sweet lifetime.

First and foremost, our Australian-made range is developed using Coolplus Technology. This prevents the surface from becoming unbearably hot. Coolplus Technology has infrared pigments which deflect the runs rays and disperse heat in Adelaide to accommodate even the littlest feet. As well as being exposed to the Adelaide sunlight, your synthetic lawn could be in for some rough winters.

You need a high-quality turf blend with primary backing to help the blades retain an upright position. Experience the difference with Titan Turf’s synthetic grass in Adelaide today!

All Of Our Products Are Backed By A 15-Year Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind. Having Been In Business For Over 25 Years, We Can Confidently Say That We’ve Mastered The Synthetic Grass Game in Adelaide. Our Range Exceeds All Other Offerings On The Market, And You Can Even Choose A Suitable Blend By Referring To Our Softness, Natural Look And Durability Ratings. Stop By Our Lonsdale Store in Adelaide To See Our Range Of Synthetic Grass For Yourself!

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