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Synthetic Lawn Adelaide

Tips for our Customers

When it comes to choosing Synthetic lawn Adelaide for your home, there’s a few important points to consider.

  • Purpose: Firstly, what’s the purpose of your lawn? We have a large variety of lawns that are designed to suit different environments. For this reason, you’ll notice that each of our products is given a foot traffic resilience, softness, and natural look rating.
  • Maintenance: After installation, we recommend investing in a plastic leaf rake to keep your lawn tidy and reorganise your sand infill. Sand infill is the only maintenance you need for your synthetic lawn. It has properties that extend durability, function, and overall appeal.
  • Australian made: For best results, check that your supplier has their turf manufactured right here in Australia. Our climate is harsh and unpredictable, but Australian-made products are generally designed to withstand these conditions. For synthetic lawn Adelaide that you can trust, choose Titan Turf!
Synthetic Lawn Adelaide

Keeping It Cool

One of the innovative features we have adopted with our synthetic lawn Adelaide range is temperature control technology.

Cool & Fresh Infill: Ever heard of evaporative cooling? Well, this is the same mechanism used in ‘Cool & Fresh’ Infill. ‘Cool & Fresh’ contains a active absorbent minerals. Cool & Fresh naturally holds moisture – so when hydrated by rain or water it will absorb, store then slowly release moisture over and extended time providing an evaporative cooling effect

Coolplus Technology: Cool plus has the potential to reduce the temperature of your grass by up to 25%. As opposed to ‘Cool & Fresh’ Infill, Coolplus technology is actually imbedded within your turf. We have a range of different Coolplus options of different shades and densities to accommodate all preferences. The turf has infrared reflective qualities which actually divert sunlight away. Call us to learn more about our Coolplus synthetic lawn Adelaide!

Want to Learn More About our Range?

Our synthetic lawn Adelaide comes in all different forms to suit a range of environments. To provide you with a little more insight, here’s a sneak peek into the Titan Turf range:

Prestige Gen III: The Prestige Gen 3 is manufactured to the highest specification and stich rate. Voted at 5/5 for softness and 4/5 for natural look, this option offers well-rounded value. With a blade height of 40mm and a dense two-tone texture, it truly replicates the look and feel of genuine grass. The product is backed by a 12-year warranty and is best protected with a fine-grained silica sand. 

Coolplay Colours: Our Coolplay Colour range is more of a fun alternative for commercial settings. It comes in up to 7 shades, and we also have sign grass options if you would like to custom-create a game or layout. For the best synthetic lawn Adelaide, give us a call!

Our team is driven by the philosophy of delivering exceptional products and services across Australia. With 30 years under our belt, we know exactly what our customers expect from us, and we continually aim to exceed these expectations. Feel free to call us with any of your enquiries about synthetic lawn Adelaide on 8384 8604! Alternatively, you can drop by our display centre to see what we have on offer.

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