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Synthetic Turf Adelaide

Why Choose Our Synthetic Turf In Adelaide?

Synthetic turf Adelaide is the perfect solution for everyone. Our lawns are made to look exactly like real grass, only much easier to maintain. Although it still requires some basic maintenance, you will no longer have to weed your lawn in Adelaide, water or fertilise it! Just sit back and enjoy your picturesque Adelaide lawn! In addition, dogs absolutely love it.

One of the major advantages of synthetic lawns as a dog owner is that your furry friend will no longer be able to roll around in dirt. This means they stay cleaner for longer! Synthetic turf also tends to stop dogs from digging holes, meaning you can enjoy a perfect Adelaide lawn all year round. A lot of dogs also suffer from grass allergies, just like humans. With synthetic turf in Adelaide, this can reduce or even eradicate allergy issues all together!

Synthetic Turf Adelaide

Environmental Benefits: Synthetic Turf In Adelaide

How on earth is synthetic turf in Adelaide better for the environment? Well, did you know that grass cuttings find their way to landfill, then decay to produce methane? This methane is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide! Another one of the major benefits is that fake lawn does not require watering. For someone living in such a dry country like Australia, this can save mass amounts of money on your water bill.

Furthermore, our synthetic turf in Adelaide eliminates the need for garden chemicals. As a result, this means reducing the use of harmful chemicals such as weed killer, inorganic fertilizers, and pesticide. Synthetic lawns also cut atmospheric pollutants in Adelaide. For example, the noise of the lawnmower is cut completely, meaning everyone gets to sleep in on a Sunday morning. In addition, those who suffer from allergies from grass clippings and dust no longer have to worry.

How Long Does Synthetic Turf In Adelaide Last?

Titan Turf’s synthetic turf in Adelaide is designed to be tough. Our Adelaide manufacturer uses advanced technology to ensure your lawn will be strong and durable for both domestic and commercial use. It can withstand the hottest Adelaide conditions. Despite the fact that most synthetic lawns eventually fade, Titan Turf uses yarn with the highest rating UV protection. Our products are guaranteed to last up to 10 years. However, if leaves are raked occasionally and pet mess is rinsed with water when it occurs, our lawns can last up to 20 years. Adelaide Synthetic lawns are an investment that will pay off in the years to come.

This is provided that the synthetic lawn is kept in the right condition by using the right methods and tools. Titan Turf’s synthetic turf in Adelaide provides long-lasting, superior synthetic lawns ready for your next landscaping, sporting, playground or commercial project.

Adelaide-Made Synthetic Turf Requires Little Maintenance, Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Over Time, And Has A Number Of Environmental Benefits. What Are You Waiting For? Get In Touch With Titan Turf Today To Find Out More About Our Synthetic Turf in Adelaide! Call Us On (08) 8384 8604. or Visit Our Display Centre in Adelaide.

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