Uses for Synthetic Turf That You Haven’t Thought Of!

Our synthetic turf is designed for practical use, with Australian-made yarn that includes in-built proprietary features to maintain its structure and appeal.

However, fake grass can be utilised in a number of different ways to give your space a unique edge, while bringing a piece of the outside in. Here are some suggestions we have for your synthetic grass:

  • Bar mat or table cloth for the man cave/shed
  • Floor covers for balconies
  • Non-slippery surfacing around your pool
  • Indoor putting green for keen golfers
  • Flooring for patios and porches to create a consistent flow from your lawn
  • Shelf covers to match plants and greenery around the home.

Our synthetic grass is even available in a range of different colours, with custom printing available if you’re utilising it for either corporate or play spaces. So, whether you’re in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or even Darwin. Give us a call!

synthetic turf

A Preview of the Range

Synthetic Turf can definitely bring vibrance to a space, but if you’re using it in a residential or commercial setting—it’s the performance and natural appeal that really make a difference. Every product in our range is given a rating out of foot traffic durability, natural aesthetic, and level of softness to accommodate different needs and style preferences. These are generally the three make or break factors when purchasing synthetic turf, so here are a couple of examples that might be relevant to you.

  • 4G Gold Endurance Coolplus
    With a 5-star traffic rating, this style of turf is manufactured specifically for the rigorous commercial landscape market, making it ideal for heavy backyard use.
  • Summer Coolplus HD
    With outstanding natural aesthetic created by the duo-toned sub pile, low gloss fibres and a boosted stitch rate for added softness, this is the ideal product for that luxury landscape feel.

A Bit About Titan Turf: The Creators of Australia’s Finest Synthetic Turf Range

Titan Turf initially entered the Adelaide scene as a quality-driven landscaping business in 1993, before slowly evolving its service to meet growing consumer demands for synthetic turf in around Australia. So, we now service, not only Adelaide, but Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Darwin.

There was a massive gap in the market for a premium-grade product that could withstand the impact of the harsh Australian sun. Products would fade, flatten, wear down quickly, and contained plastics that would really absorb the heat—deeming it almost unsafe for kids and pets to play on.

Ongoing research and development led to our partnership with ATP, one of the leading manufacturers in artificial lawn who use Australian-made and tested yarns to specifically suit our conditions.

The Titan Turf team now have a combined experience of over 30 years, with a comprehensive understanding of the construction, technology and design behind the best fake grass available on the market. We even install it for you, warranting flawless workmanship!

If you’ve been thinking about making the transition to synthetic turf, we recommend having a chat with one of our friendly and professional experts to find your perfect match. We guarantee you’ll love the luxurious look and feel of our range, and you’ll no longer have to stress over home maintenance! Call us on (08) 8384 8604.

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