What is HydroChill™ and How Does it Work?

What is HydroChill™ and How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever been barefoot on a synthetic lawn during the summer months, you may have experienced how uncomfortable artificial lawns can be in the hot Aussie sun. Sure, artificial lawns have come a long way – they’re softer and more giving, just like the real thing. Innovations such as our exclusive cool plus yarns achieved 20-25% cooler temperatures, but until recently, when an artificial lawn in full sun got hot, it stayed hot until shaded from the sun, making the benefits of artificial lawn less pleasurable.

That has now changed. Now we have HydroChill™, an advance in synthetic turf technology that means your synthetic lawn temperature is cool in the height of summer. The only thing that is different is that your lawn won’t grow like natural grass (still no more lawn trimming to do).

Grass sweats to stay cool

Have you ever stood on grass and felt it cold beneath your feet, despite being out in the height of the summer sun? That’s because grass has adapted to cope in hot conditions. It has a mechanism called evaporative cooling to help control its temperature. In other words, it sweats just like we do when we’re hot. It takes water, either from the earth or from rainfall, dew, or irrigation, and literally evaporates away the heat.
01 Evaporative Cooling Technology

Now artificial turf can sweat and stay cool with HydroChill™

HydroChill™ uses the same principle as human skin or natural grass. It captures moisture and stores it until the turf heats up to a temperature that results in evaporation. Then that moisture is released. As it evaporates, it removes the heat from the synthetic turf.

The only difference between synthetic turf treated with HydroChill™and its revolutionary cooling effects and your neighbours natural lawn is you can simply just enjoy your artificial lawn and not have to spend your valuable time or pay someone else to come and trim and mow your lawn. If your neighbours do have artificial grass and it is not treated with HydroChill™ it will be between 16 – 28 degrees hotter than your synthetic lawn.

03A Thermocouple Outdoor Test

Combine HydroChill™ and CoolPlus™ yarn technology together and the result would be even greater.

Do I have to replace my synthetic lawn to benefit from HydroChill™?

When hearing how HydroChill™ lawn lets them enjoy their garden even in the hottest summer, the first question that most people have is whether their existing synthetic lawn will have to be replaced. The simple answer is no.

HydroChill™ is a treatment, not a replacement, so it can be added to any synthetic lawn. It’s a little like feeding a natural lawn, except it’s a one-time treatment maintaining maximum effectiveness for 2 years. Simply spread the pre-coated and non-toxic sand infill on your lawn and feel the heat evaporate. It’s activated by irrigation, light hosing, or even dew (just like the real thing).

The benefits of HydroChill™ summarised


  • uses moisture from rainfall, dew, or irrigation as the fuel for evaporative cooling
  • doesn’t harm existing synthetic turf
  • is easy to use
  • provides maximum cooling effect when the sun is directly overhead and at its hottest.

With HydroChill™, you, your family, and your friends will be able to enjoy your garden all day, every day. In summary, HydroChill™ is the thermostat that puts you in control of your lawn’s temperature.

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